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We are a diverse group of students from the University of Cambridge who share a passion for advancing the ethical discourse surrounding artificial intelligence. Our members represent a wide range of academic backgrounds and interests, including ethics, linguistics, digital humanities, law, politics, geography, and more. This diversity is our strength, as it enables us to approach AI ethics from multiple angles and offer comprehensive insights.

We welcome anyone who shares our passion or interest in AI ethics. Whether you are a knowledgeable AI ethicist, or simply curious about the ethical implications of AI, we invite you to become a part of our community and contribute to this important conversation.

Our objectives

Interdisciplinarity - Our objective is to create a collaborative environment where members can explore the varied ethical implications of AI across industries and domains, such as healthcare, entertainment and the arts. We will organise events, seminars, and workshops that bring together experts and enthusiasts from various fields, encouraging the sharing of ideas and perspectives.

Impact - Our ambition is to create a space and a platform for having conversations and discussions about ai ethics and emerging technologies in a safe and inclusive manner. We believe that making these spaces accessible and welcoming is essential for making more people able to be part in these increasingly important dialogues and conversations. Usually inaccessibility to engage in topics around AI, technology and the related complex issues are creating an obstacle- in particular for young people- to be part in these conversations. This is something we aspire to change. Furthermore we believe that there is a huge power in having these conversations and dialogues among us and that it has a strong impact and a ripple effect on the general global conversation about AI ethics today. This is something we are passionate about to utilize!

Inclusivity - Our objective is to maintain a degree of diversity of thought in the discourse surrounding both the perils and the promise of AI. The conceptual challenges which this new field of interest pose often invite speculation, fabulation and oversimplification which, while worthwhile in some cases, can also inhibit constructive thought. Our approach is to foster discussion which needn’t fit within the existing paradigms of alignment and risk. Instead, we hope to encourage polyvocal engagement with the topic and, in so doing, take a crucial step towards demystifying the discourse.


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Have you noticed that news stories and marketing material about Artificial Intelligence are typically illustrated with clichéd and misleading images?


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